December 2013 – “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

Here we are, the end of another year.  Where the hell did that one go?  Seriously?  This time last year, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams (and I have some pretty wild dreams) that I would be sitting where I am right now.  This latest update is less of a “news” update and more of a reflection.

2013 has been an interesting one.  For me, there have been some great moments and some very terrible ones.  This year, my music career steadily progressed (but always at the same snail’s pace).  I was fortunate enough to support Josh Groban in June in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.  Amsterdam being a total highlight playing for 7000 people at the Ziggo Dome and although that crowd was not there to see me, they sang, laughed and clapped along with me.  Such an incredible night and feeling- one I will not forget in a hurry.  GAGA Publishing, my amazing Australian label, placed two of my songs in two different national TV campaigns here, which was fantastic.  Also, “Young Love” was placed in the internationally successful TV show “Dance Academy”, which gained me new fans from all around the globe- thank you all for your beautiful messages and support.  I continued to co-write a lot and recorded my new single, “I Wanna Be The One”, releasing it in June followed by the videoclip in August.  I’ve also found out that the single is going to be featured in the new Dutch movie “Hartenstraat”!!  I met and stayed with the incredibly talented writer/director Sanne Vogel for a night in Amsterdam and even got to hang out on set (apparently with famous movie stars in Holland!).  Sony secured this for me, which is the first placement they have been able to make happen.  Check out the teaser below (at the moment only available to view in Belgium and Holland)- it looks fantastic!

On that note, it has also been disappointing this year as far as my music goes.  I’m 27 now and it has been 11 years since my very first gig.  So much has happened.  I honestly believed signing to a major publishing label would be a bigger boost than it has been.  As it turns out, I still have to pay for everything myself, I still have to organize everything myself and I still haven’t had my “big break”, an elusive concept that’s for sure.  Signing with Sony has been great for co-writing, for networking, for getting those bigger gigs and other labels to take notice even if none have signed me up.  But it hasn’t made me any money and the Dutch movie will be the first placement. On the co-writing, here is one last video for the year!!  I wrote this song with one of my favourite writer/producers, Han Kooreneef.  Whenever we get together, magic happens and I always walk away with a song that I love.  I’m hoping to record a new album this year and this song, “Our Love” will definitely make the cut.  Hope you like it!!


I was back and forth to Europe four times last year- spending a bit more time at home due to lack of funds and trying to figure out what to do next with music.  That amount of travel was exhausting.  I made the decision to stay in Melbourne after my last tour through Germany, Holland and Belgium (which was my favourite tour to date with all the house concerts).  I owed family, friends and my credit card a total of $25000 after two years overseas and an album release that I spent and borrowed a lot of money for.  It was time to take responsibility so I put it out to the Universe that I needed a job that would make me great money and lo and behold, I have managed to pay off $22000 debt since I started my first ever full time job in the middle of September.  It’s in sales so it seems I have the gift of the gab.  I’m already a manager so it seems I’m also quite the bossy boots too, but who didn’t know that? Haha.  I actually enjoy the work, the stability, the routine (not for long, but for now).  I certainly have a new found respect for people who work from 9am till 6pm.  I’m exhausted.  It’s hard.  As well as two gigs a week I’m teetering on the edge.  The pros are the money- paying off debt and now starting to save to record and get back over to Europe to tour.  The cons are the lack of time to be creative, to write, to sing, to be inspired.  I know it’s not forever but it definitely is great to be the one who can buy dinner for my friends, to not worry about how much I spend at the supermarket, to be able to spend money on my parents at Christmas time for the first time ever.  Not having any funds is quite stressful and being over in Europe and couch surfing and always worrying about money is not something I wish to do again.  I will save until I have enough to be over there and be comfortable- able to spend what I need on my music and my health.

So besides money and music, it was also a tough year in love and life.  My heart got broken.  I didn’t expect it.  I still get sad sometimes- not for the man, but for the love I thought I had found.  I guess I have a big heart so it wasn’t an act for me.  However, the ease with which I moved on from that was due in part to something actually terrible happening.  My best friend lost her Dad on March 21st 2012.  His life was cut short, he was too young.  Watching my friend experience this kind of pain dwarfed any sort of worries I THOUGHT I had in my life.  Every day for her has been a struggle, every day my heart breaks for her.  But, life does go on and her strength and positivity inspires me. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that life doesn’t always work out how you thought it would.  There are highs and lows.  It’s a journey.  As I get older, I think the most important part is to truly live every moment.  To make the most of life.  To let go of the past and not have regrets.  To make sure that you make time for the people you love, because you never know how long you have together.  I am truly blessed in my life.  I have an incredible family and wonderful friends.  I have the freedom to follow my heart and dreams.  So although 2013 has been a tough one, it has still been a part of my journey and I am thankful for the lessons I have learnt and the fun, laughter, songs and moments I have shared with new and old friends.  Plus, 2013 will always be the year that I first saw Beyonce perform so technically- both my best and toughest year yet.  #bowdown

I have never made New Year’s Resolutions before.  I’ve always been one to just DO things.  But I definitely have a few this year.  I’ve spent a long time without having a good balance so these resolutions are based around that. 

-Go on that Bali trip with my Mama that I have been promising for years.
-Go travelling.  Proper travelling.  Not working, not touring, not promoting.  Just me, my backpack and my guitar to the places I have always wanted to see like Spain, Italy, Greece.
-Work hard at my new job to save money to record an album and head back to Europe to tour. 
-Remember that the most important thing in life is the people who you love.
-Write down my completely bizarre dreams, which is something I have been meaning to do for years.  Last night I dreamt that I won a prize to spend a week with Beyonce- she sang me some songs at a posh dinner and we flew around New York in her gold plated helicopter. We became best friends.  Winning.

2014 is around the corner.  I’m going to keep following my dreams with music.  But I’m not going to run myself into the ground to do it.  For me, I lost some of that love and passion because I was sacrificing too much.  There was no balance.  So the pressure on myself is gone, which is a relief.  After taking a step back I’m ready to hit the ground running and hope for the best, safe in the knowledge that I already have achieved so much and am happy with that.

Wishing every single one of you a safe and happy Christmas.  Life is short so spend it with the people you love.  I for one am so excited about what a new year will bring.

Lots of love

Coby xxx


AUGUST NEWS – “I Wanna Be The One” Videoclip RELEASED!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to finally present the videoclip for the brand new single “I Wanna Be The One”.  This clip was filmed with a MASSIVE budget with everyone working on it giving their time and talent for free.  Even had my Mum, Nan and Pop on catering duties!  We filmed it in an absolutely gorgeous space- a warehouse in Kensington that we hired for the day.  With only one day to shoot the entire video, it was a lot of work.  Load in on Saturday, working from 5am until 8pm on the Sunday. PHEW!  I was a zombie at the end of it!  MASSIVE massive thankyou to everyone involved- Director Roxanne Halley, DOP Thom Neal and the entire film crew.  Also, Sarah Gonsalves and The Style Co (, who created the gorgeous “apartment” set.  The girls did an incredible job (I wanted to live there) and the furniture from Dann Events in Melbourne was absolutely perfect! I’m really proud of the clip.  As an independent artist, trying to find that balance between creating exactly what you want and having the money to do so is always a struggle, but I think the clip is a beautiful visual partner for the new single.  SO HERE IT IS BELOW!!!

WARNING: Lots of bad dancing by me, but c’mon, I’m in LOVE!!  Who doesn’t dance around in their pyjamas all giddy and smiles when they are in love? ;)


If you like it, please SHARE!  Also, for those of you who don’t have the single yet, you can get it from itunes here:

Beck Rocchi (Beck Rocchi Photography), my extremely talented friend, also captured some gorgeous images on the day.  I’ve just popped them up on my facebook page and you can have a look at me shaking it in my pyjamas here:

In other news, I have to tell you guys about the support shows with Josh Groban.  I mean, WOW!!!  It was INCREDIBLE!!  Really really really amazing.  The whole crew (and it was a big crew), the band, Josh Groban himself- they were all so friendly and so much fun.  The few days we were on tour were awesome!  Made some new friends and have some special memories.  The first show, at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, was literally the best show of my entire life.  So far ;)  I was SO nervous.  My knees were literally shaking before I went on stage.  There were 7000 people in the audience!!!!  And I was all alone with my acoustic guitar on this massive stage.  The first thing out of my mouth was “I am so nervous”.  It was that moment, when the audience broke into applause and cheers, that I knew they were an AMAZING crowd and I would be ok!  The next half hour flew by and I could not stop grinning, it was hard to sing I was smiling so hard!  The next two shows, Paris and Brussels, were a lot smaller, but in the most beautiful theatre venues and with the same wonderful crowds- Josh Groban has awesome fans!!  I also had the honour of playing with Josh’s amazingly talented pianist, Ruslan Sirota, who heard me singing “Unlove Song” in my soundcheck and asked if he could jump up and perform it with me during my set.  Ahhhh….OF COURSE I SAID YES!!  You can see a video of that performance with Ruslan in Paris here, thanks to Gerald from Ginko Musik for capturing the moment!

I want to thank EVERYONE who came to chat with me after the shows, for your kind words, for your support, for buying the album and for all of the wonderful messages afterwards!  I wish every show was like that- what a buzz!  Hopefully one day I will be able to fill out venues like that for MY shows.  I also have some great photos of the shows up on my fb page- check them out here:

SO…I’m coming back over to Europe very soon for some radio promotion in Holland for the new single, plus shows and house concerts throughout Germany, Holland and Belgium.  My schedule is HECTIC!  I arrive on the 27th August and from the 28th August until the 9th September I am performing every single night!  Plus driving around 5000km.  I’m going to be on Radio 1 and Radio 2 in Holland, plus, I’m SO excited to announce I’m back at the Stadtspektakel Festival in Landshut, Germany from the 12th to 16th September.  Check out the tours page to see when I am playing near you!!  Also, stay updated with all my news and adventures on my facebook page  I am also finally on instagram.  I’m not the best at it, but you can follow me at cobygrantmusic.  I think.  Hahaha.

Lots of love everyone!!

Coby xxx

PS.  One more thing, for those of you in Australia, YES…that is my voice and song on the “Harpic” cleaning commercial playing on TV right now!  WOOO!  We love placements!!  Big big thankyou to my australian publishing label GAGA Publishing for yet ANOTHER placement.  You guys rock!

JUNE NEWS- New Single Release and Josh Groban European Supports!!

Ok…I’m not really sure where to start.  It’s been a while since my last news update and now I have so much it’s a little overwhelming!! 

First things first.  My brand new single “I Wanna Be The One” is released THIS SUNDAY 9TH JUNE!!!  Click on the image below to head to iTunes:


I am SO excited to finally get some new music out there after what feels like forever.  The last three months have been slightly stressful with making sure this single could see the light of day.  Since I am an independent artist and releasing this song independently, there were a lot of legalities that needed to be addressed.  Also, as it’s a co-write, I own 100% of the lyrics and only one third of the music so I needed more legal contracts for the permission to exploit the track from the co-writers and their publishers.   I could go into this more, but in the end after a lot of back and forth with negotiations and terms, it’s all clear and I am very proud of it!! I finished the production of the song off while I was in Holland in April and I have been itching to get it out there.  There was a delay in releasing the single for various reasons, but in the end, as always, the universe revealed it’s grand plan for the delay, which leads me to my next point….

In May, just before I came home to Australia, I was asked by my AMAZING booking agent in Holland if I would like to do the support show for Josh Groban in Amsterdam this Sunday 9th June.  At the Ziggo Dome.  THE ZIGGO DOME!!!  That is Amsterdam’s arena!!  There will be more than 5000 people there!  That is officially the biggest show I’ve ever done.  I’m SO nervous, but excited at the same time.  Support spots are notoriously difficult to secure- it could be that your manager knows their manager, your booking agent knows the promotor, your drummer is best friends with the sound engineer’s brother’s uncle by marriage’s daughter’s baby daddy, who knows the label that the artist is signed to.  Get what I’m saying?  Anyway, Gideon at Mojo (my agent), believes in me and worked on getting this support for ages before it was confirmed.  And NOW, Josh Groban’s team has asked me to do the Brussels and Paris shows too!!  WAAHHHHHH!  Such an awesome opportunity for an unknown independent artist like me.  So, the natural choice for the release date was the date of the first show supporting Josh (yeah we are pretty much on a first name basis now J ) because it’s such a great platform to promote it.  Fingers crossed I do well and the audiences enjoy my new single plus all the new and old songs I will sing!

On that point of new songs- I have HEAPS.  In the last six months, I have written enough songs to fill two albums.  At the moment, I’m not sure what I am doing with them.  The truth is I don’t have the money to record an album.  The single, which I am funding completely alone (as usual), is costing me around $15000.  That includes legal fees, production, mixing and mastering costs, graphic design, manufacturing, live video and videoclip costs.  It’s an expensive business!  And that’s the price with people helping me out because they know I do it all alone.  SO…I’m just going to see what the reaction to the single is, what opportunities come up, where it goes, then I will see whether I can do another single, or an EP, or a full album.  Cross your fingers for me!! 

In the meantime, while I was in Berlin at the end of April, I recorded four new videos with the wonderful team at  These guys did my last “Lounge Sessions” which you can find on youtube at  These latest four videos are of brand new songs and were recorded in a friend’s amazing bedroom in Berlin so are aptly titled “Berlin Bedroom Sessions”.  The first one is up on youtube and is the live and acoustic version of the new single “I Wanna Be The One”.  Here it is below!!

Because of the quick decision for the release date, the actual videoclip is not being filmed until July so I will keep you updated on that!  However, the lyric video will also be released this weekend- to see some photos from that shoot head to my facebook page below.

Finally, my last bit of exciting news, I have had one of my songs placed in a TV Commercial back in Australia for QV Baby Skincare Products.  Thanks so much to my awesome Australian publishing company, GAGA.  It’s a song I wrote back in January, specifically for the purpose of TVC placements.  The song “Hello” has had such a huge reaction after the commercial aired that I have decided to release it on iTunes!!  IT’S ALL HAPPENING! Haha so much going on with the supports, the single, the placement and now this other song being released too!  I really did not expect such a big demand but hey, it’s awesome!  So in between shows I will finish recording that track and hopefully it will be released before the end of the month- more on that soon.  In the meantime- check out the commercial on my youtube channel!

I think that’s it for now.  PHEW!  Wish me luck for the support shows and please help spread the word about the single.  Hope you love it!

Lots of love

Coby xxx


FEB NEWS:  2013 Here I Come!!!

Well well well!  I believe the last time I wrote was late November!  Now it’s Feb already!!  WOW!  I know I always go on about time flying by but SERIOUSLY!  Anyway, I have quite a bit to share so here goes…

I ended 2013 with a tour through Holland- organized by my awesome booking agent Gideon at LiveNation.  Big big thankyou to the amazing new fans who came along to my shows in Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and of course Paradiso in Amsterdam.  I had such a wonderful time playing for you guys and I hope you enjoyed the show, the supports, the special guests.  I have some photos of the tour up on my fb page and you can check them out here:

I also have a video to share with you that was filmed as part of the Marienplatz Festival in Stuttgart.  Shot by Marcus and the guys at and beautifully edited, it features some shots of me playing at the festival, a little interview and a song from the debut album.  HOWEVER…a little warning to my English speaking fans.  This is actually really funny (and embarrassing) but I have a terrible habit of speaking broken English when I’m chatting to people who speak English as a second language.  So there are some GREAT examples of my Denglish here (Deutsch/German English) and I apologise for my terrible grammar.  Although, it is a laugh and the main message still gets across:  that I love to sing J  Check out the vid below!

Marienplatzfest Wohnzimmermusik mit Coby Grant from sevencity on Vimeo.


As well as the tour I still managed to fit in a few more writing sessions while I was in Holland and Belgium and I officially wrote SEVENTEEN NEW TRACKS in the last couple of months of 2012.  I absolutely love some of them and I’m dying to share them with you, but patience is a virtue (which I struggle with daily) so working on a plan to get some new recordings into your ears, cars, homes, computers, lives, hearts as soon as possible. 

I have been in Australia since Christmas enjoying life with my loved ones (and Charlie BOY!).  The summer has been perfect and it’s provided lots of inspiration for even more new songs. I’m heading back to Europe in a couple of weeks time and my first performance will be at an official UNICEF event for the launch of a new campaign where I will play a song I specifically wrote for the Unicef cause.  I’m looking forward to being apart of the event.  As well as that I have some shows booked in March and April in Belgium, France and Germany so check out the shows page because more will go up as they are confirmed.  Would you believe we are already booking festivals as late as September???  WOAH!  I don’t even know what I’m making for dinner tonight so it’s a little daunting to plan so far ahead.

That’s about all my news at the moment!  Thanks for reading.  I hope everyone has had an awesome start to 2013- I have a great feeling about this year, it’s going to be my best one yet!

Lots of love

Coby xxx





NOVEMBER NEWS:  Holland-Days Tour, Songbird Festival, New Songs and Hash Tags!!!

Well….well, well, well.  If there’s one thing I know I can depend on in this life, it is TIME.  That time will ALWAYS fly by.  In fact, as I get older, time goes even faster.  Oh dear.  Lucky I squish as much as humanly possibly into this crazy life!  So, first and foremost, last time I wrote my health was not so great- I was diagnosed with Anemia and had dangerously low iron levels.  I had an iron infusion and NOW I’M FULL OF ENERGY!!! Hahaha.  The doctors said that it would be about four weeks from the infusion and one day I would just notice a huge difference.  I did.  It was a Tuesday.  And if that is what normal people feel like all the time I’d like to book an infusion once a month please- WOOO!  Also had an extremely high metabolism for about two weeks- I ate pasta every single day and still lost weight, every woman’s dream right? Hahaha.  But, everything has balanced out now and I am feeling very well which is awesome.  Also necessary to keep up with my crazy workload!

When I last wrote, I was just finishing up at a festival in Landshut, Germany.  Had an incredible time and then packed my bags for Gent, Belgium where my base has been for the last six weeks.  Basically, I have been living between Gent and Amsterdam and working really hard with Sony to not only promote the debut album, but also do HEAPS of co-writing sessions.  The sessions have been with some amazing writers and producers including the well known and highly respected team Jochem Fluitsma and Eric Van Tijn, also Holland’s most sought after writer Han Kooreneef, one of Belgium’s most successful producer/writers Jeroen Swinnen, as well as some awesome up and coming artists and writers as well.  It has been SO MUCH FUN!  And wonderful for me to have the time and opportunity to write some new songs, as I find it really hard to be creative while on the road and focused on touring.  So now I have a whole bunch of new songs- some that I will definitely be putting on my next album (yes, already thinking about that) and some that are in the mix for some great opportunities with licensing and brand promotion.  So cross your fingers and toes for me and I will reveal as much information as I am allowed to as soon as I can.  Hahahaha International Woman of Mystery- that’s me!  Also, in the new year there will be some new music for you!  YES!  And…a lot of new love songs in there thanks to one very special person #bigsmileonmyfaceallthetime.  Yes I just hash tagged.  I’m trying to be one of the cool kids.  I’m not sure I am using it correctly but oh well haha.

As well as all this songwriting, I have also been doing a lot of PR for the new album.  The album was officially released on 12th October- that doesn’t mean much, just had to set a date!  But it does mean that if you are in Holland and Belgium you can now head to itunes and buy the album!!  Just in case you wish to do that IMMEDIATELY you can go to this link:

German Liebes, you can also purchase the physical album from Amazon here:

So, I had a press day organized by my amazing publicist here in Holland, Lobke De Boer.  Basically a whole day of interviews, small performances, lots of smiling and question answering.  So far, all of the press has been awesome!  Save for one review- but I kind of think that means I’m getting somewhere when the haters start coming out!  Right?  Haha.  All good, my skin is pretty thick after this much time chasing my dream.  Also, I’ve had some amazing radio promo, thanks to my radio plugger here, Dave Toethuis.  I performed on Radio 2’s “Cappuccino” show this month, I was also “Album of the Week” from Oct 29th.  I also performed on the esteemed Radio 1 show “Met Het Oog Op Morgen” along with the talented Josh Jones on Glock and percussion (you may remember him from such performances as the Ben Howard cover on Giel3FM “Keep Your Head Up”).  You can hear/see these below:

Giel Morning Show, 3FM, “Keep Your Head Up”:


Met Het Oog Op Morgen, Radio 1, “Heartbeat”:

New photos from my adventures in Holland:


So, I think that’s just about everything!  OH!  Actually no it’s not!  I forgot my upcoming live shows.  I’m VERY excited to be performing at the Songbird Festival this Sunday.  It has completely sold out and there are some amazing artists on the line-up so if you have your tickets- see you there!  I also have my very first tour through Holland.  I’m calling it the Holland Days Tour.  See what I did there?  Clever I know #patmyselfontheback#anotherhashtagmustmeaniamcool.  You can see the tour poster below and you can purchase tickets from the link below.  Big thanks to my new booking agent, Gideon at Live Nation, for setting this up.  Please share if you have friends in any of these towns- I’m really nervous that NO ONE WILL COME!  It’s like that dream that you are naked in a public place…I keep worrying it will just be me standing up there and no one to sing to haha.  I won’t be naked though.  No, definitely not. 

15th December, De Unie, Rotterdam
16th December, Merleyn, Nijmegen
17th December, Paradiso, Amsterdam
18th December, Tivoli, Utrecht

19th December, Effenaar, Eindhoven

Ok…that’s it!  End of the essay haha.  I have a problem with oversharing, but there is always so much to say!  I hope everyone is wonderful and looking forward to the silly season as much as me.

Thankyou for reading!  Lots and lots of love,

Coby xxxx


Festivals, Dutch Release, Songwriting and Anemia!!  HAHA Read on….

Hello to all the gorgeous creatures who bother to read this!

It’s already the middle of September and I am writing this from my hotel room in Landshut, Germany where I am performing at one of the biggest street festivals in Europe- the Stadt-Spektakel!!  I have 8 shows in three days and also performed at the opening gala on Thursday night- it was amazing!  Ich war sehr aufgeregt!  500 people sitting so quietly in the theatre and there were so many amazing acts!

So, since I last wrote I have been very busy.  As usual!  After signing with Sony, a release date for the album was set for October 12th in Holland.  My team there have been working very hard on the promotion and I was lucky enough to perform on two of the biggest radio stations in the beginning of August.  The first was Muziekcafe on Radio 2- to a live audience!  The second was on the Morningshow at 3FM with Holland’s most famous presenter, Giel.  As well as singing two original songs I also performed a cover of a Top 50 hit.  I chose “Keep Your Head Up” by Ben Howard and you can watch my version here, featuring my very talented percussionist playing my guitarcase!! Haha…

You can also see some photos of the radio shows and live performances on my facebook page here:


The album promotion in Germany is going well- slow and steady wins the race!!  Germany is a HUGE territory so everything takes time, but the results are working and more and more people are coming to shows and writing to me- thankyou for all of your beautiful messages!  Some highlights include the videoclip to “A Song About Me” being featured on Ich Liebe Es TV (I’m Loving It TV).  This is the in-house TV System that plays in over 1200 McDonald’s stores throughout Germany- so my big face is played several times a day on Macca’s TV’s around the country! YES!  Also, I was featured in the music section of August’s Brigitte, one of Germany’s biggest women’s lifestyle magazines with over 900,000 copies sold per month.  Thankyou once again to my team for their endless hard work and belief!

I had a short break in August- I went home to Australia for almost four weeks.  It was wonderful to see my friends and family, but unfortunately I was struck down with the flu and spent a lot of time in bed!  The doctor’s also informed me that I have Anemia- my iron levels were dangerously low so I had to have an iron transfusion!!  This explains how exhausted I have been for the last couple of months (although I was blaming my crazy lifestyle) and in another couple of weeks I should feel A LOT better.  You might see me dancing through the streets I will have so much energy haha!

Since arriving back in Germany last week I am straight back into touring- I played last weekend at the STRAMU Festival in Wurzburg and I am playing shows in north Germany in the next couple of weeks before I head to Holland for some writing sessions with Sony.  The new album is now out in Germany and you can buy it at Amazon or itunes- the links are below (for those of you in the rest of the world, the single is available on itunes and album release information will come soon!):

The last bit of exciting news is that I was added to the lineup of the Songbird Festival in Rotterdam!  I will be headlining one of the four stages and I cannot wait to perform- the lineup is amazing, some incredible singer/songwriters!  All of the information can be found at their website:

WOAH!  That was a big update.  I better run, I have a festival to play at!!

Lots of love and as always, thankyou for your belief and support and love!

Coby xxxx




“Single released NEXT WEEK and Debut Album now available for PRE ORDER WOOOOOOOO!”

Well.  As you all know from every other news update I have sent, I lead what some may call an extremely busy life.  I think that may even be an understatement these days!  But I try to remember that the journey is the part I should be enjoying and I’m taking it all in as I go!  I seem to squish much more in to each day than I used to and these last 7 weeks have been some of my busiest. Ever.  But, let me do my best to summarise it all and fill you in.

First, most importantly and most excitingly, I have officially been signed by SONY ATV PUBLISHING here in Europe!!  I couldn’t be more thrilled…after a couple of months of negotiations (my lawyer, their lawyers, my lawyer, their lawyers) and reading over and scrutinizing long contracts (yes I insist upon understanding every bit of legal jargon as it’s my signature, my name, my music, my life) we came to a point where both parties were happy and I am now a part of the Sony ATV family.  WOOOOOOO!  A major label publishing deal can open doors in a way that being a totally independent artist simply cannot.  I’m looking forward to working with some incredible writers, the assistance in the promotion of this first debut album plus the future albums to come and also the placement opportunities that could come from this (think Grey’s Anatomy and the next romcom starring Jennifer Aniston haha).

So..the last month has seen me touring through Belgium, France and Germany.  Firstly, Belgium and my favourite (and only) town to busk in here in Europe, Gent.  The streets of Gent are absolutely stunning and with the weather (and a team to sell my cd’s) on my side, I sold out of the rest of my old EP’s that I had.  That’s it!  No more!  Officially a collectors item haha.  Rudy Tollenaere, a journalist for one of Belgium’s biggest papers saw me playing and published not one, but FOUR articles on me in that week of June- which was AMAZING promotion and also led to a gig in one of the best known venues in Gent, Café Charlatan.  You can see the first article online here:

Next I was off to France where I had my debut European TV performance on National Station WEO TV.  The show was Grand’Place and it was all very excited with my own makeup artists and back stage area.  I’m a dag I know haha.  The video is up on youtube here:

Then it was back to Germany where I had more touring and A LOT of rehearsing with my brand new GERMAN BAND!  They are absolutely incredible and our first show went off PERFECTLY.  It was an open air with a huge crowd (almost 400 people) and perfect weather and lots of press and la la la all very exciting.  Photos will be up very soon on my facebook page:


The Album publicity and promotion campaign is going so well here in Germany!  I am really working hard, as is my entire team, but we are slowly and surely getting there!  The videoclip to the single has been featured on – one of the BIGGEST online music portals in Germany.  In less than two weeks we have had almost 50000 views!!  WAAHHHHHH!  You can check it out here.

Also, the video was featured on Pro7’s website- one of Germany’s largest TV networks.  This is a MASSIVE win and I am really stoked.  Big thankyou to Artist MS, my publicity company here in Germany for doing such a great job!!

The album is now AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER for all you Gorgeous Germans at the link below.  The official release date is 24th August, but it would help me get into the charts if you would like to pre-order.  Thankyou a million times in advance to everyone who decides to do that:


Lastly, the single, “A Song About Me” is released digitally WORLDWIDE on 3rd August 2012.  NEXT WEEK!!  AHHHHH!  PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY!!  It features three tracks- the single, “Unlove Song” (album version) and also a live performance of “A Song About Me”.  There is a promo video up now with “Unlove Song” featuring and also the very special guest- CHARLIE! Hahaha my beautiful little BOY (dog) for anyone who doesn’t know by now.  In fact, I was recently informed that when you google “Coby Grant” a picture of Charlie comes up hahahaha AWESOME.  Here is the link to the promo video by the very talented Thom Neal:


Ok…wowzers...big update!  My website is under construction at the moment but ALL news on the releases will be up on my facebook page  As usual, thankyou for reading, thankyou for your incredible support and sending BIG LOVE your way.

Me xxxxx



MAI 2012

“Wie die Zeit verfliegt, French National TV Appearances and the DEBUT ALBUM”


As you can see from the above my German is coming along nicely hahahaha NOT! It is very very difficult but I am determined and totally sure that by the end of the year I will be FLUENT!  Ich hoffe es.

So…what have I been up to in the last couple of months?  As usual, A LOT!  My time back in Melbourne in March was very very busy.  I recorded two new tracks at one of my favourite studios, The Wick.  The guys have a brand new website up and running so be sure to check it out  These two new tracks will be on the DEBUT ALBUM, “Coby Grant Is In Full Colour” due for release on the 24th August.  I am so so excited about this- the debut album will feature some songs from past EP’s, which were only released in Australia, plus a bunch of new songs I have recorded in the past year.  For everyone who has a copy of those past EP’s, you are now holding a very rare collectors item (HA!) because there will be no further pressing for ANY of my past releases.

As well as recording two new tracks, I also played a live gig at The Wick and I recorded and filmed this show.  It was solo, acoustic, featuring new songs and old and a very intimate performance.  Thankyou to everyone who came I had an amazing night!  I am hoping to release this as a DVD at the end of this year so keep looking out for that.  On the night, the very talented Chris Robert took amazing pictures (including some of Charlie, the guest of honour) and you can see them here:

I have now been back in Germany for two months and it has been crazy busy!  I have been touring all over the country, living in my suitcase once more.  You can see all of my past and upcoming shows at my music facebook page, as well as photos, updates, news, etc.

In the last few weeks I have been a busy busy bee with the debut album- contracts, artwork, timelines, deadlines, PR, Publicity, etc.  I am SO happy to say that after all the hard work I now have the first promotional copies of the Album IN MY HANDS!!  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, I will be posting some photos of the artwork soon on my website and facebook pages.  My team here in Germany is hard at work with all the album preparations, ich bin aufgeregt!!

Also, I recently jammed with A LOT of musicians here in Germany in order to find the perfect band for the bigger shows here (which are becoming more and more frequent!!).  I am thrilled to announce that I have welcomed a five piece band to the family consisting of Joe Krieg (guitar), Uli Kleideiter (drums), Jo Bohm (bass), Rayka Wehner and Lili Sommerfeld (both gorgeous girls singing backing vocals)!  The first gig together will be on July 18th at Schloss Grumbach in Rimpar at the Open Air Castle Theatre.  All of the information is on the facebook event- click the link below to find out more:

Next up for me?  I have gigs in Germany, Belgium PLUS France.  Some extra exciting news in France?  My booking agent/promoter there, Gerald from Ginko Musik, has secured a spot on the National TV Program “Grand’ Place”.  I will be appearing on the show on June 15th for an interview and a live performance.  You can also watch this online at and the show starts at 6:30PM in France.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!  My debut European TV performance!!  Let’s hope it’s the first of many to come.

There is a lot more in the works over here in Europe…hopefully I can report some more great news soon!  In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed for me- I think I’m almost there…wherever “there” is J

Vielllllllllll Liebe!!

Coby xxxxxxxxx


MARCH 2012

“Gig in Melbourne, German Debut Album Release and some Home Lovin’!!”

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  It is completely ridiculous that we are already in the third month of 2012.  2012.  Did you hear me?  It’s 2012.  The world is supposed to end this year- did anyone else hear that?  So I am going to squish as much LIFE and LOVE and HAPPINESS into this one little year as I can.  Not because the world might end, but because that’s what I always do- it’s the BEST way to live and I can sleep when I’m dead, right? Haha.

So…a quick update on the last couple of months.  I finished up the touring in Europe.  It was fantastic!!  Northern Germany and a few shows in Berlin.  It was also ridiculously cold at the end there- I had to buy a PROPER massive winter coat and ridiculous wrap-around-the-face hat type thing and it was STILL like a punch in the guts everytime I walked out the door.  JEEPERS!  How do people do it?! J  Anyway, before I left Berlin I was quite productive.  I had a photo shot with the incredibly talented Ineke Dane at her gorgeous little apartment.  You can check these out on my facebook musician page at:

Through all of my hard work and endless touring schedule I managed to put together an amazing team in Deutschland and I am happy to say that Klaus Stracke has joined the ranks as my official booking agent there, Max Gherig is my new tour manager and Michael Schurr is my publicist/promotions manager.  Together we are devising a plan for my debut album release in Germany later this year so keep your eyes and ears peeled for news on that.

In December, I released an EP “Charlie” exclusively in Australia and NZ. These are the tracks I recorded at The Wick Studios in Melbourne just before I left for my European tour.  Big thanks to Glenn, Dan and all of the incredible musicians who featured on the song.  Check out the artwork pic on this email by John Calabro at The View From Here and the photo from Darren James Photography.

All you Aussies can purchase the new EP at and you can listen to the title track on my facebook musician page at:

From Christmas Day up until a couple of weeks ago I had some much needed and well deserved time off in my home town of Perth.  I love what I do, I’m lucky to do what I love, but I can tell you now 8 months on the road living out of my suitcase was difficult and physically exhausting (at times emotionally exhausting too).  Sharing my music is so rewarding and makes me so happy, but I think it all crept up and BOOM I knew I had to take a break before I collapsed.  So it was WONDERFUL…I had my family and friends around me, time to rest and recharge for this year and also my beautiful BOY Charlie (that’s my dog in case you didn’t know) came with me to Perth.  You can see the photos from my time at home here:

So…I’m back in Melbourne now for a few weeks before I head back to Germany.  It’s a busy few weeks with organizing everything for the album, but I have managed to fit in ONE original gig- I’m very excited to announce I will be performing a LIVE SHOW IN THE STUDIO!!  It is being recorded and since it’s such a massive space, we thought why not invite everyone to come down and enjoy the show!!  It’s on 18th March at The Wick Recording Studios in Brunswick- head to this link to check out all the details- some awesome talent on the night with local musicians supporting and joining me onstage.

So…after all that…my New Years Resolution this year?? To remember everyday that I am so lucky to be able to travel the world, follow my dreams and my heart and have precious family and friends who love me and bring so much joy to my life that I might just burst if I think about it too long. Oh and to let Charlie lick my face as much as he wants because that may be gross but it makes me ridiculously happy :) Wishing everyone a successful, happy, healthy and safe 2012. Fingers crossed it's our best year yet!!

Lots of love

Coby xxx





I cannot BELIEVE we are already coming to the end of 2011…is time flying or what?  It’s kind of ridiculous.  I try my best to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak but I swear it feels like I just started my Irish tour and now here I am in Belgium and about to take off into Germany again for gigs and recording!  Well…I do know I am having a lot of fun along the way anyway!!

So…before anything else…I have some exciting tidbits for you.  Firstly, I will be releasing a brand new EP, “Charlie” exclusively in Australia and NZ.  The release date is the 1st December and it is a digital release only so be sure to jump onto itunes and be the first to grab it!!  ( These are the tracks I recorded at The Wick Studios in Melbourne just before I left for my European tour.  Big thanks to Glenn, Dan and all of the incredible musicians who featured on the songs (the credits will be up on my journal page on the day of the release).  Check out the artwork below by John Calabro at The View From Here and the photo from Darren James Photography.



Also….you can have a listen to the title track “Charlie” on my facebook musician page by clicking the link below!!

My other bit of exciting news is the fact that I am now working with an incredible team in France to release my debut album, starting with “A Song About Me” as the single.  I would like to welcome Pascale and Sophie from So and Us Booking Agency as well as Jean Michel from Canitrot & Co. Promotions on board the Coby Grant train!!  I am really excited to be working with such enthusiastic people and I will keep you updated on the release date next year.  Soon my website will have a little French flag so each page will be translated- I only just started getting the hang of German, now onto my French lessons!!!

So I finished up the tour in Ireland and it ended with a BANG- Halloween Night in a country where it is a MASSIVE celebration.  I went as Alice in Wonderland and was lucky enough to be supporting the Spice Girls AKA Seven Days hahahaha.  To check out the photos head to my facebook musician page by clicking the link below.  I had an incredible time and made some amazing new friends- thankyou for the great craic, the awesome shows and the many many laughs along the way.

So…that’s it for now!!  Check out the tours page for my upcoming shows in Germany- I have a busy month ahead of me with touring, the release of the EP and recording in Berlin, but as always I will be smiling all the way and thanking God for my incredible life!

Sending lots of love your way!!

Coby xxxxx



Well nothing out of the ordinary with this statement, but I have had SUCH a hectic and incredible couple of months!  I have been on the road now since May- it seems unbelievable that so much time has passed when I feel like I only left Australia last week.  In this short time a lot of good things have happened- not only have the shows and festivals been amazing, but I have met some incredible industry people who are helping me develop and work towards building my career, reaching more people and releasing a debut album!! (Yes you heard right….actually you read right since I am not talking to you but I guess I am imagining I am.  Anyway more on album stuff soon!)

I am currently in Ireland where I am supporting Seven Days, a local independent band- they are such talented musicians and great guys.  Their manager saw me play my first and only Dublin show here in June and asked me if I would like to do the support.  It has been a fantastic opportunity but also, a bit of a rest for me!  If you read the last news post below, while I am on this tour I don’t have to worry about the usual tour logistics, transport, radio, press, accommodation, soundchecks…I just turn up to the radio stations and venues and sing when I am told to!  I don’t even have to drive- someone else does that!!  So it’s been amazing to have a little extra time to actually SEE this beautiful country, to take it in, to eat a lot of Irish potatoes and to learn some Irish such as “deadly (awesome), savage (cool), what’s the craic? (what’s happening?) Ya one (that woman over there), ya man (that man over there), tertee tree (33) and fillums (films)”.  Hahahaha I am having a ball to be sure to be sure.

Unfortunately my trusty Handy Cam has died on me, but before it did, I got this at a private House Concert in Germany in September- one of my new songs, “Without You”.  It’s a bit of a sad one, so if anyone feels like sending some love afterwards I’d like that


So next for me is finishing this Irish tour, then back on to Germany for more shows.  I have finally put a band together and I will be recording in November in Berlin and starting to plan for the album promotion and tour early next year!!  Some exciting news for my Aussie fans?  In November I will be releasing the tracks I recorded before I left EXCLUSIVELY in Australia (online only)….I’ll be sure to update you on the release date, but I know a lot of you have been asking about it so get ready!!

One more thing before I go- I have finally put up a musician Facebook page.  If you haven’t already “liked” it please do- I will soon be closing all of the other accounts and it’s the best place to see daily updates, news, photos and events.

Ok that’s it for now!!  Top of the morning to ya! Hahahaha

Love always!!!

Coby xxxxxx



Me again!  It’s always me so no surprise there really


I have a confession to make…I have been a bit slack when it comes to updating my news and tour journal.  Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and I just run out of time to update all the websites I have running at once!  My relationship with the world wide web is a love/hate one.  I do love the internet, without it I simply could not be an independent musician- it is an amazing promotional tool and through it, my music can reach people around the world.  BUT…when I am the only one managing my facebook page, group page, website, twitter, myspace, youtube, reverbnation, soundcloud, itunes and updating things like songs, photos, videos and gig listings plus trying to write back personally to everyone and compose interesting blogs, journals and group emails about this crazy life it all gets a little much and one’s voice can start getting high pitched and frantic.  One might even accidentally slice one’s fingertip off with a cheese slicer because one was discussing such matters while slicing cheese.  Ok no, probably no one in the world would do that except for me.  For those of you who didn’t see the gruesome pics on my facebook page ( my pinky is officially out of action when it comes to guitar playing for another couple of weeks.  YIKES!


So…besides trying to stay on top of all that jazz above, I also have regular emails to attend to everyday concerning all things music, logistics for this tour I am on (plane, train, bus travel, car hire, accommodation, working visas), publicity obligations (radio interviews, magazine articles, interviews, questions), networking, meetings with labels and industry people, finding time to practice and write new songs AND ALSO think about what my next move is- next release, which countries, where is the funding coming from, next recording.  Did I mention trying to have a social life too?  No?  That’s because I DON’T HAVE ONE! Hahaha I am a loser.  After all of this stuff I am ready to pass out each and every night…but of course my brain is always thinking about the next things I have to do tomorrow so I never sleep well.  Phew!  Are you exhausted yet?  This is what the last four years of my life have been like.  I’m not complaining (although it does sound suspiciously whinyyyy) but I thought I would just share a little of what I do everyday and maybe why I can’t quite stay on top of it all J  I love it though…I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t.  Well…I love the gigs.  I love the music, the performing, the incredible emails of support and love that I get from all of you.  So I do the other stuff because it means I can continue on my path.  But my big dream?  My idea of success?  Someone else doing everything and me just turning up and singing for all of you….writing, creating, recording and singing my heart out. 


So far, it has been absolutely incredible.  I have literally had the time of my life.  I am so lucky and I have enjoyed playing for each and every person who has come to see me.  Each town, city and country is a new adventure, with wonderful and interesting people to meet and beauty and history to explore.  It has been three months on the road and so far I have visited Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark playing 50 shows in places like Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Goteborg, Dublin, London, Manchester, Amsterdam.  But I’ll tell you a secret…the country gigs and smaller towns are my favourite…they know how to make a girl feel welcome!  I’ve put together a little video of the gigs and the fun times in between (like my one week holiday in Croatia!) check it out!!



As always, to see more photos check out my facebook page and some new songs are in the works!  So stay tuned and I promise to stay on top of it all.

Lots of love…you guys are the BEST!



JUNE 2011

Wowzers…the last six weeks have FLOWN by and I am having the BEST TIME EVER!  I have to YELL so you know how GREAT it is hahaha.

I have been touring in Germany, the UK and Ireland. Visiting places like Manchester, London, Bristol, Oxford, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Fulda, Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Dublin and so many other little spots along the way.

So far, so good!  The response from audiences is amazing- I keep having to get more cd’s sent over from Australia!  Plus lots of opportunities arising from the shows I am playing- the Coby Grant team is expanding and I am planning tours into September and October now as well, with German festivals already being booked for next summer!  Even the small gigs have been great.  Every gig is worth doing- you just never know what can come from it.

So the tracks I recorded in Australia are almost all mastered and done.  You can see the video of my time in the studio here

At the moment I am deciding what to do with these- release an EP?  Release an online EP?  Record a few more to make an actual DEBUT album!??  I’m not sure, but I promise to think about it in the next week while I am on my first holiday in three years in CROATIA!!! Yes, you heard right, I am taking a mini break and will be spending a week in the sun with some friends and family- can’t wait!  So yes, clear my head, prepare for the next four months of touring and plan a release for these new songs I have!

I am currently working on the first tour video, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you one of my most incredible gig experiences to date- supporting Don McLean.  It was only one show, booked by my wonderful Australian Booking Agents- Big Tree Artists.  The audience were so beautiful, the sound was amazing, the entertainment centre was still intimate even though it was HUGE- I was even on two massive big screens either side of the stage!  Best part?  Of course meeting Don himself and watching his amazing set from side of stage.  So…here is my little compilation!  Filmed by Stephen Wools (also doubled as Merch Man for the night!)




So that’s it for now….thankyou for reading, for your support, for your beautiful messages!  I appreciate it all so much- it’s hard to be away from the people I love and on the road all the time but I am living my wonderful dream and get to share my music with YOU!  Don’t forget to check out the events for the tour at (and be my friend) and of course the tours page on my website as well

Lots of love!!  More than I could possibly squeeze into this little piece of cyberspace!

Coby xxxxxxxx


MAY 2011

Well, I am HERE!!!  My adventure has begun!  I am already having a fantastic time- working hard and booking lots of shows.  I’m in Berlin at the moment and LOVING IT!  What an amazing city!  More on that in a minute though.

So, my last couple of weeks at home were absolutely bloody mental.  The busiest I have ever been I think- it was actually a lovely break to get on the plane and know I couldn’t possibly do anymore than I had!!  I managed to sell my car (thank god now I have some actual savings), record four more tracks, organize the lease for my home, get all my travel insurance and plans organized, pack up my life AND apply for a grant from Austrade!  Ahhh!  Plus I got in some good quality time with my little man, Charlie Boy (for those of you who don’t know Charlie he is my chocolate lab puppy but I won’t talk about him too much otherwise I will start blubbering).

The new tracks are being mixed as I type this- I have heard one and it is WONDERFUL!  I can’t wait to share them with you- I will be releasing them on i-tunes, hopefully in September but I will definitely keep you updated.  Thankyou a MILLION times to Glenn and Dan who with only two weeks to get it done saved me from certain meltdown and did an incredible job recording these at The Wick studios in Brunswick.  My always amazing musicians dropped everything to rehearse and record with me and I can’t thank everyone enough J  I have, of course, made an i-movie of the time in the studio for your viewing pleasure!  Just press play below!!


So…after what seemed like forever I landed in London, hired a car and drove to Bristol where I had my first two shows- I had a ball!  I have been adding more and more shows to the tours page so please have a look and check out the events on facebook and invite any friends you have over here.  I am now in Berlin- I can’t tell you how beautiful it is.  The gigs here have been magic and the weather is amazing, I can’t believe I managed to skip out on our Winter YAY!  I have another ten days in Germany followed by my actual tour through the UK before heading back to Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

This week in Berlin I am meeting with a record label who love my music and want to distribute my first album through Europe- PLEASE keep me in your prayers and hope hope hope that they love the new songs and the contract is perfect and it all goes ahead.  This could be IT!  But if not, of course I will keep chasing (and living) my dream ;) 

Some great news?  I now have a FABULOUS European booking agent, Phonocaster Music!  So from September no more booking my own shows, no more emailing, no more looking at the computer screen for 8 hours a day YEW! 

Ok…missing home and missing you all, but that is just fuel for the fire innit? (said in my newly acquired cockney accent) haha.

Love Me xxxx



April 2011

WOWZERS!!! Only two weeks until I leave I just cannot believe how fast time is going!  As usual, I have been going at a hundred miles an hour over the last couple of months.

When I last wrote I was just embarking on the LAST EVER solo acoustic tour around Australia.  It was absolutely beautiful- I had a sold out crowd in my home town of Perth and so many gorgeous people came out to wish me luck and say goodbye.  I visited TAS, QLD, NSW, SA, WA and of course finished with the show in Melbourne at The Toff in Town.  It was hands down the best show I have ever played in my adopted home town- it was simple, stress free for me and the crowd sang along to every song (except the newbies of course).  I had an incredible night and tour- thankyou so much to everyone who came along.

So, I thought that I was so organized for my trip but true to form, I have left most things to the last minute and here I am running around like crazy in the final hour.  I have just found out that I am recording four more tracks before I leave for Europe.  AHHHHH!  It’s for the debut CD to be released in Germany so with no time to waste I have booked in at The Wick studios in Brunswick, organized the musicians, mixing, engineers, mastering, la la la and I will be in the studio this weekend.  I’m also trying to sell my car, lease my home, pack up my life, apply for a grant (much needed moolah) and of course spend quality time with my loved ones.  Mainly Charlie.  Refer to my photo albums for those of you who don’t know him!!

I think I need all the help I can get to have it all done in these two weeks so think of me and hope for the best haha.

I have managed to book in quite a few shows in the UK and Germany in May and June- be sure to check out the tours page for more info and updates as I book even more in.

Ok, I better go, work to be done!

Lots of love!!

Coby xxxxxxxxx


March 2011

HELLLLOOOOOOO all of you AMAZING creatures!

I am writing this from very high above the earth- where it is a beautiful day outside and the view from my airplane window is incredible (I really never get sick of imagining living in “cloudland”).  Anyway, I am on my way to the Gold Coast where the first show of my LAST EVER AUSTRALIAN TOUR is tonight at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.  I am very happy, excited, sad, joyful, apprehensive, anxious, hopeful and thrilled about my imminent move overseas and this last tour is going to be bittersweet.  I REALLY hope to see everyone I have ever known (and everyone I don’t know yet) at the gigs to say goodbye and give me a BIG HUG!

The dates for the tours are all up on my website or you can view them on the facebook event This month I am visiting Gold Coast, Lennox Head, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Castlemaine and Margaret River.  I also play in Adelaide and Perth in early April and finally the very last show in Melbourne is Thursday 7th April with a magnificent lineup…check out the Melbourne show event here ( and get your tickets ASAP by messaging me back on facebook or heading to

In other news, I was over the moon when I got the call from my incredible publishing company Gaga ( to tell me that once again, “A Song About Me” has been placed in a TV Commercial.  This time though, it will be a national campaign here in Australia!!  So everyone here in my home country will be able to listen to the music of  “A Song About Me” all year on the Ski Yoghurt commercials running on the TV, radio and internet!!!  Woooo hooooo!!!  This was a big win for me because not only is it great exposure and looks excellent on my resume, but the royalties help so much with the impending tour through Europe and all the logistics, publicity, promotion, etc that comes with that.  One might almost say it was a sign, fate telling me that YES, I am meant to follow whatever it is pulling me overseas- and of course as you all know I am a massive believer in the universe and signs J

Check out one of the commercials here at  

Ok well that is it for now!  I hope to see everyone soon and I will be announcing the international shows very soon (my UK visa just got approved- yay!) so look out for that update!

Love love love love Me!!  xxxxxxx


February 2011

WOW!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Can anyone else BELIEVE that is it already a week into Feb?  I can't!  Time is flying by as usual and I, of course, have been keeping very very busy.  For me, January consisted of: booking gigs through to July, playing gigs in Melbourne, Perth and Tasmania, flying around the country, selling my car, moving house, finding potential tenants for my home, organising my national tour (yes you heard right) and saving my butt off for my return to Europe.  Yikes!  Busy month I’d say :)  But, I do have a feeling 2011 is going to be a big one!

So...I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, I certainly did at home with my family and friends.  Thank you to those of you who came out to my shows in Perth and Melbourne, and also to the lovely Tasmanians who showed up last week to the gigs in Launceston and Hobart- my absolute best Tassie shows yet! 

Some exciting news??  My new and fabulous booking agent, Big Tree Artists, secured a Don McLean support for me at Hobart's Wrest Point Entertainment Centre!!!  Ahhhhhh!!  I've been singing American Pie for ten years I am so excited and I think it could be the biggest crowd I have ever played for!  So that one is next Saturday 12th for those of you who want to come. 

I will be announcing all of the dates for my very last National Australian Tour before I pick up and head overseas indefinitely VERY soon.  The tour will be from mid-march to mid-April and I will be visiting QLD, NSW, WA, SA and finishing here in Melbourne.  I am honestly not sure when I will be back home so I would LOVE to see you all out at the shows one more time.  As usual there will be some VERY talented guests joining me. 

This month I have a couple of shows with my extremely talented band!!  The boys will be joining me onstage at Queen Vic Markets on Sunday 13th Feb.  We are supporting Angie Hart and hit the stage at 12:30pm.  Then again at the Moonee Valley Festival in Queens Park on Sunday 27th Feb.  We hit the "Simply Energy Main Stage" at 3pm.  BOTH EVENTS ARE FREE ALL AGES EVENTS!!!  So for all you gorgeous folk who keep asking about all ages- here we go! 

So...that is it for now...stay tuned for the tour shows and for exciting news about my next European Tour.  I love everybody's GUTS!!!  In case you didn't already know :)

Coby xxxxxx

December 2010

This is just a short little message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I hope that everyone is spending this magical time with the people who you love the most, the people who bring you joy, the family and friends you couldn't live without. 

I have had a big year and I am so blessed.  I started the year touring the East Coast with Bonjah and Ryan Meeking and the Few.  Incredible musicians, incredibly fun times and jam sessions late into the balmy summer nights.  Then I launched my latest EP "Fanfare For Love" around the country with my band (love those guys, I hope you all got a chance to see their amazing talent).  I played at festivals, supported great artists (including Newton Faulkner of whom I am a HUGE fan myself.  I wasn't cool at all when I met him, just a bit of a stammering mess haha).  I sold out my Perth, Sydney and Melbourne shows on this tour and in Melbourne, at The Toff in Town, I recorded the live performance to create my first DVD/CD "Live At The Toff".  To order your own copy head to the Merch page.

I found out in March that "A Song About Me" was chosen by Coca Cola to feature in their Scandinavian TV Commercial for a water bottle brand.  The song was recorded in four different languages and is still playing in five different countries.  It was this amazing opportunity that was the catalyst for me going overseas to tour.  I organised the entire 50 date, 3 months tour through Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, UK and the USA (including New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and Boston) but I had the help of some amazing friends, fans and my terrific US Lawyer (Patti Jones), manager (Alan Griffith) and US Publicity Team (Two Sheps That Pass).  The shows were very successful and some very exciting developments are underway- all of which will be revealed soon (oh I am just SO mysterious!)

Anyway, here I am on the other side of all of that craziness and somehow, I have managed to hold on to my sanity.  This unpredictable industry is a rollercoaster ride of endless hard work but great rewards, time on the road away from the people I love but meeting new and incredible friends and artists, knock backs and "no, you can't" to signing deals and "yes, I can".  Why would anyone in their right mind choose this?  Well I can tell you why I did...I love it.  I love it so much that I don't know who I would be if I didn't play music. 

So much for a short little message hey? hahaha. Thankyou a million times for your support and love- your beautiful messages are so appreciated! I am going home to Perth for Christmas where I have three shows, check out the Tour page for more info.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season! Eat lots, be merry and enjoy the giving (that's the best part right?)!!

I will see you all in the New Year- 2011 I can't believe how time flies!

Lots of love,

Coby xxxxxx


November 2010

I am HOME!!!  I have just landed and it is so wonderful to be back in my beautiful little apartment and see my loved ones for real and not just through the skype screen (I’ve definitely kissed my macbook’s camera more times than I ever thought I might haha).

My adventure was awesome, it went tremendously well.  The shows in the USA were so successful. All the places where I played loved me and my music and said they would book me back there next time- so all positive! I've signed two licensing deals with placement companies in the USA. My publicity company (Two Sheps That Pass) has been INCREDIBLE!  The whole team there were such hard workers and really believe in me (so now I have “people” haha woot!).  They got such a positive response from their reach outs as well- lots of press, radio interviews, online buzz (check out a couple of the articles on the media page).  Also, a very exciting and new endeavour for me is partnering with some fantastic companies as an alternative way to get my music out there to more people.  When I started working with my publicity company they asked me what I love besides music so I said yoga, the beach, surfing, leading a healthy and organic lifestyle.  So…thinking outside of the box…they approached some amazing organizations such as Pangea Organics (skincare), PrAna (Yoga wear) and Roxy.

Below is a short video of when I went to be dressed by Roxy in New York for a photo shoot for Surfer Mag the following week in LA.  The shoot went well (lucky the surf was great that day!) but going shopping and getting all of these amazing free clothes was SO much fun!!!

I’m also VERY excited about Pangea Organics Skincare…I am officially their newest BRAND AMBASSADOR!! Woooo!  And as we speak there are some fabulous gluten free skin care products on their way which I will be video blogging about.  Check out in the meantime.
Also, I have finished the imovie of my adventures in Germany and Czech Republic so check it out below…


So what is next I hear you ask?  A little break- I think I deserve it!!  I am going to head home to Perth for Christmas…I have a couple of gigs so check out the tours page if you are from the West.  Then I will be touring around Australia one last time before a big move overseas…but more on that next time J

Thankyou for reading, for listening, for writing to me, for being SO wonderful!  I love you guys!!!

Coby xxxx



October 2010

Well…I can’t even begin to tell you what an INCREDIBLE journey I am having so far…I have the biggest smile on my face every moment of every day!!

The rest of the European leg of the tour was almost perfect- the only bummer was that I got so so sick.  I lost my voice and was forced to cancel three shows and hole up in a hotel room in Berlin to recover.  But the German gigs before and after that, plus the shows in Prague, were a HUGE success.  I saw so many beautiful places, met so many amazing people, had the time of my life in cities that I had never been in.  The best way to show you, I think, is with my very first iMovie!! Haha I’m so excited I learnt how to use a computer program…me…an extremely “computer challenged” individual.  So check out the video below on Youtube and leave a comment if you feel so inclined- it is of my time in Sweden and Denmark.  The German and UK video will be up soon as well!


Right now I am in NEW YORK CITY!!!  My number one favourite city in the world.  This is my 6th visit but my first time playing shows and it has been going so so well.  I wrapped up my three shows in Boston with a fantastic little piece in the Boston Globe - both online and in print (yay!)

And now I am already halfway through my time in the Big Apple!  I can’t help but walk the streets whistling either Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” or playing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” on my i-pod.  I know…I’m a dag!  The gigs have been amazing- the CMJ festival showcases at The Delancey were a great experience and the world famous The Bitter End in Greenwich Village was another highlight- I mean, Bob Dylan has played there for goodness sake!!  All of the audiences have been so quiet and attentive and I have met so many artistic, creative, fabulous people in this city.  Yesterday I did a very fun piece in Brooklyn Heights- we recorded “A Song About Me” to feature on the Brooklyn Heights Blog, a fantastic site for all things fashionable and fabulous (that is a lot of f’s) in that perfect part of town.  Follow the link below to go directly to the edited video of the shoot.

Ok well I still have a couple of shows in NYC, before I head to LA, San Diego and finally Canada.  I wish time would slow down, I’m having too much fun!!  All of my photos from Europe are on my facebook site so click on the link to the left to see those.  A list of upcoming shows is on the TOURS page too.

And don’t forget you can now order the new double disc DVD/CD “Live At The Toff” – head to the MERCH or MUSIC page for more info.

I honestly can’t get the smile off of my face…can I do this forever please??! 

Wishing everyone lots of love,

Coby xxx


September 2010

My first ever NEWS from EUROPE!!!  Wooo!

Well I am having an absolute ball over here in Europe- playing my original music almost every night, traveling and exploring different cities by day, meeting new and fabulous people, watching some amazing music and eating lots of yummy European food!!

So far, I have been in Sweden where I played 8 gigs and visited Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uddevalla, Ostersund and Vaxjo.  Stockholm is a beautiful city- I really loved it and just felt like it was the kind of place I could definitely go back to.  I played a gig in Stockholm when I first arrived (to hardly anyone) but then by the end of my two weeks there the word had spread and my last show in Stockholm was absolutely packed.  So thankyou to all of my new Swedish friends and fans for sharing my music.

The next stop was Denmark where I played in Copenhagen, Nykobing Mors and Holstebro and Copenhagen was the BEST show so far!!  I played at a venue called Musikcaféen, Huset I Magstræde, and it was so unexpected to see so many people turn up to the show.  I am so thankful and I had a great night- I sold out of my cd’s that night and I am already planning to return next year.  Copenhagen was an incredible city as well.

Now I am on my way to Germany where I will play my first show in Berlin before heading to Prague in the Czech Republic and then travel around the rest of Germany to perform.  I really am having such an amazing time and I feel lucky to be living my dream and reaching so many more people with my music- thankyou for all your continued support everyone!!  For a list of shows head to my TOURS page and for a detailed description of my time head to my JOURNAL page.

I will be putting up all my photos on facebook so don’t forget to check them out by clicking on the link to the left.  And the video footage for my time in Sweden and Denmark will be up on youtube very soon!

And, before I go, don’t forget you can now order the new double disc DVD/CD “Live At The Toff” – head to the MERCH or MUSIC page for more info.

Thankyou for reading this and for continuing to come back to the site- I love you guys!!

Coby xxxx


August 2010

Hello to the lovely people reading this!

I hope you are feeling amazing and happy and excited and thankful.  That’s pretty much me in a nutshell at the moment and it feels GOOD so I’m sending some of it your way.

Ok so since I last checked in lots has happened.  The two disc DVD/CD is almost ready!!!  It goes off to the printers tomorrow and I will have them back in my paws mid august.  For those of you who have pre ordered thankyou thankyou thankyou- it’s because of you supporting an independent artist like me that I could speed the process along.  Last night I saw the final cut of the bonus feature (the making of Fanfare For Love EP) which is about my time in the USA.  It looks incredible!  Christian Fillippone from Big Dog Productions has done an awesome job editing all my home videos and it goes for about 25 mins and includes some bloopers too- I hope they make you laugh haha.  So as well as that there are the six live clips from the Fanfare For Love EP Launch in Melbourne and my two videoclips as well.  PLUS the ten track audio CD of the entire live performance. The DVD/CD won’t be available online until September but it is not too late to PRE ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!! (Sorry I don’t mean to shout I just get excited).  So that way you have it before anyone else!  To order online at the very safe and secure paypal please copy the link BELOW:  

Or if you are still scared of paypal (I can relate) then email me  and we can do a secure bank transfer.  Check out my videos page to see one of the live DVD tracks, “This Heart Of Mine”.

So…onto the MOST exciting news- my upcoming adventure touring the WORLD!  I have managed to book HEAPS more shows over in Europe and I am bursting to get there and sing my heart out for you wonderful people living there!!  Please check out the TOURS PAGE to see if you are near one of the places I am playing (or if you know someone near there and want to send them along!!).  I have booked shows in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic- 16 dates in total at the moment!!  A BIG thankyou to all the friends who have helped me secure the gigs…I know I am going to meet some amazing people and have some awesome experiences so look out world!!  Here I come!!  PLUS…more exciting news is that I am DEFINITELY heading to CANADA to support the incredible artist Zachary Lucky on his tour in November (check him out at  The dates and venues are not all completely locked in so I will wait to put them up but keep checking back to the tours page cause it’s almost all done- that tour runs from 5th November until 28th November.  Don’t worry, I’ve already got my thermal long johns ready for the cold haha.  On top of this, I am also heading to the USA to play in Boston, New York and LA from mid October until early November.  Those dates will be up soon as well! PHEW!

Ok I think that is everything for now…before I leave Melbourne I am actually playing some very low key shows at The Stagshead Hotel in Williamstown.  Every Saturday night in August so if you want to come and wish me luck with a big hug then please do!!  I’d like that a lot.

Thanks for reading this and I love you LONG TIME!

Coby xxxx


June 2010

Hello Legends!!

How are you all? I hope fantastic?!

I have some exciting news- my LIVE CD/DVD is almost ready! But, inevitably, I NEED YOUR HELP (do I ever stop needing your help? Am I a little bit too needy? I hope not…I like to hope that you know you can count on me if you need something too!!) Here's the thing, I recorded a LIVE DVD and CD of my last performance of the "Fanfare For Love" EP launch tour. It was a beautiful show at The Toff in Town in Melbourne and I would LOVE to get it out to you guys as soon as possible. Because I am saving my bum off to get to Europe and the USA for the tour, I had a BRILLIANT idea! If you want a copy of the double DVD/CD, then it would help me SO much if you could pre order it now. That way, once a few people do it, I will have the money to manufacture them and get them to you before I leave for my trip at the end of August!! YAY!! Check out one of the tracks, “This Heart Of Mine”, here on Youtube…it has been compressed so the quality is not too great but the DVD is in perfect high definition!! Click HERE to view...

The DVD not only has six full tracks from the live performance with the band, but also both of my videoclips and "the making of" video from my time in the USA when I recorded "Fanfare For Love". It also has the ten track live audio CD too. All for only $25!! So please click HERE to PRE ORDER your copy now:

Or if you are scared of paypal (like I was for so long) then email me and we can do a secure bank transfer. And I will PERSONALLY sign it if you let me know you want it!

Well since I last spoke to you lots of exciting things have happened in regards to my trip…I booked my ROUND THE WORLD TICKET for my European and US tour!! Canada is also on the cards at the moment- Woo hoo! I am really really looking forward to it and I am saving my bum off to get some funds together for the trip. I have also been applying like crazy to venues in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, London, Boston, New York and LA. I am really relying on help from all the super friendly Europeans and Scandinavians who have contacted me recently because of the Bon Aqua TV Commercial. So, for those of you who are friends with me on facebook this is the event I have created about the European leg of the tour and if you have any suggestions, advice, names of venues or friends over there who could help in any way, I would appreciate that so much! For the USA and Canada as well! Please click HERE to view my facebook

Just before I sign off, I am coming HOME (for those of you in West Aus)! Yay! I have a couple of gigs booked:

Thurs 1st July 8pm-10pm, Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Friday 2nd July 5:30pm-7:30pm, HOUSE CONCERT at Newbliss Winery, Dwellingup (for tickets contact Colleen Warr on 08 9538 1924)
Sunday 4th July 4:30pm – 7:30pm, Sail and Anchor, Fremantle.

That’s it! That’s everything! I hope everyone wants to buy a DVD and Live CD :) But on a serious note, thankyou a million times for always supporting me and my music and my wonderful dream. I will never ever forget your kindness and I’m sending big love your way!

Lots of love,

Coby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

May 2010

Hello my scrumptious ones!!

Well, I am very excited indeed- I know some of you have heard whispers of a Scandinavian tour and promotional visit to the USA and those whispers are steadily turning into LOUD VOICES IN MY HEAD!!! And soon I will be shouting it over the rooftops for all to hear because yes I am coming and yes I am booking my flights this week. So as soon as it is all confirmed 100% (I’m a little tiny bit of a negative nancy until things are for SURE ya know?) I will be popping all the dates and times and places up here and hoping to see lots of foreign but smiling faces

More great news is, I finally have the FINAL version of the Scandinavian TV Commercial for Coca Cola’s water bottle brand, Bon Aqua. I had to take down the first version I put up as I didn’t realize but it was not quite the final and I was so bummed because so many of you had looked at it and commented- so please check out this final Swedish version. I think I’m going to learn the song in Swedish so I can sing it when I get there!! Check it out below and head to my Youtube to write a comment.


Also, the “Fanfare For Love” EP is OUT THERE on the world wide web!! You can now PURCHASE the tracks online at or get the EP from the music or merch page or from . It has four original tracks plus the “Heartbeat” videoclip for you to watch. You can check out the new songs at .

Well thankyou again for reading about my adventures and supporting me so much. You must know by now just how much I love you all but in case you didn’t, I really really do!!!

Lots of love,

Coby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

April 2010

Hello!!!! Me Again!!

Well here I am on the other side of the six week national tour for “Fanfare For Love”….WOW!! I had THE most incredible time and I really have you guys to thank for coming along and supporting me and making the shows so wonderful. In the end that is why I am doing what I do, to share my music with you, to sing for you, to perform for you. The Brisbane and Sydney shows at The Troubadour and Raval Bar were beautiful- that leg of the tour was solo and I really enjoyed the intimate performances and how quiet the audiences were. The highlight of the whole tour for me was definitely Apollo Bay Music Festival…I can’t even describe how magic it was. The reception was incredible- I took SO many cd’s and sold out of them all (sorry to all of you wonderful people who missed out!). The three shows that I did with my amazing band were each different but it was the organization, the volunteers and of course the audiences who made the weekend so incredible. I really hope to play more festivals this year and I will most definitely be applying for Apollo Bay again!

Then there was the Melbourne shows- even though it was Easter weekend the Saturday night still SOLD OUT! And you guys were extremely quiet…I could hear myself thinking! Thankyou thankyou thankyou because, as those of you who came know, I was filming a live DVD that night. The footage is looking wonderful and the tracks will be mixed and mastered by the end of May so I will most definitely release a couple of the DVD tracks on Youtube and then hopefully the release of the live CD/DVD will follow shortly after. I’m still watering the money tree like mad so fingers crossed haha.

I still have one more place to visit, one of my favourites, Tassie! Although it wasn’t on the official tour run I couldn’t not come down to Hobart to play for you guys and get dinner at the yummy Indian place on Elizabeth Street!! So on Wednesday May 5th I will be heading down to sing my heart out at Republic Bar and Café- head to the tours page for more info.

Well thankyou again and you must know by now just how much I love you all but in case you didn’t, I really really do!!!

Lots of love,

Coby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

March 2010

Oh Me Oh My I have some awesome news!!!  My song, "A Song About Me" from my first studio EP "Coby Grant Is In Full Colour" was chosen by Bon Aqua (a Coca Cola Company brand) for a television commercial.  It will play for a year in Scandinavia and has been re recorded in Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian.  Iceland has kept the English version.  Anyway I'm very excited- thankyou to Grant Gillies from Gaga Publishing here in Melbourne for putting me forward and making this happen!  This is my first TV AD so here's hoping for many more.  I'm also hoping to get across to Scandinavia in August to promote my music and make the most of this opportunity, so let me know if you have any friends over there who want a friendly Aussie musician crashing with them!!  I will have the FINAL version very soon and it’ll be up on the videos page so check back in the coming weeks.


In other news, the national tour for the new EP “Fanfare For Love” is well underway.  The Perth launch was SOLD OUT and it was fantastic to play for my home crowd. Nannup Festival in WA was amazing, I had the best time and some of the music there was incredible- thankyou to those of you who made it down.  Next was my very first Pushover Festival in Melbourne.  It is an all ages event and it was their 18th Birthday so it was huge to be a part of and it was awesome to meet my underage fans and friends- thanks to all the little legends who lined up for my signing!!  You can check out the remaining dates of the tour on the tours page.

Don’t forget the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Launches are still coming up so get your friends together and email for tickets.  I’m also heading down to Apollo Bay Music Festival at the end of March too- lots of great stuff happening!!

Ok I think that’s it for now, thankyou thankyou thankyou for reading on and for leaving all your wonderful comments on my pages and for just being the BEST!

Big Love,

Coby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


February 2010

Hello Gorgeous Creatures!!

How is everyone?  I hope fantastic J

I am feeling incredible after the Perth EP Launch last night for “Fanfare For Love”.  It was SOLD OUT and such a wonderful gig- thankyou to those of you who came down and supported my music.  You were all so incredibly quiet and appreciative.  After spending the day running around like a MANIAC setting up the room with stage, lighting and PA it was the perfect end to the night.  I sold a bunch of EP’s so I hope everyone is enjoying them, but for those of you who weren’t there the EP is now available from my website (on the merch or the music page) or from my myspace .  You can hear the new tunes on myspace as well!  Or if you just want to buy the tracks head straight to my itunes store .  I took some video footage last night on my brand new handycam (yay for me) so check out the videos page as they will be up there soon!!

So now we are off to Nannup Festival- I’m very excited about playing this one.  Even though it’s a smaller community festival there are some AMAZING acts playing, some of my absolute favourites (Jordie Lane and The Little Stevies) as well as some new ones I’ve been wanting to check out (Liz Stringer and Tinpan Orange) so have a look at the Journal page for a more indepth description of my adventures!!

In other news, don’t forget to grab your tickets to the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne launches- all the details are on the Tour page so get in and help me sell those ones out as well!!!

Ok that’s it for now, we’re running late (I’m not looking forward to the 3 and a half hour drive) so I better pull my finger out!

Lots of love to everyone,


January 2010

Hello Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Well well well- here we are already at the end of January 2010!!  I just cannot believe how time flies by- especially when you are having fun (and man I am having a BALL!).  Already this year I got to support Toni Childs at three of her Victorian shows.  She was INCREDIBLE.  Her voice is out of this world and she has such a beautiful soul.  Right now at this moment in time I am on an East Coast tour supporting Bonjah, a band from Melbourne doing very well for themselves.  Ryan Meeking and the Few (also from Melbourne) are on the tour as well and it has been absolutely awesome.  Both of these bands are amazing- their music brings me a lot of happiness and hanging out with 11 boys hasn’t been nearly as smelly as I thought it would haha.  We are all friends from the Melbourne music scene so it has been really nice to have all that driving time in the tour bus to catch up and talk nonsense.  Plus who knew I could be capable of going without shampoo and conditioner for so long? EWWWW!!!  For the tour dates, check out the tours page.

Anyway, the most exciting news so far for 2010 is the fact that I have my brand new EP in my hot little hands!!  So so looking forward to getting the new music out there to you guys and I am going to do that with a NATIONAL tour starting in my home town (oh how I miss it), Perth.  I can’t wait to go to the BEACH!  So the new EP is called “Fanfare For Love” and the official release date for online (i-tunes and my website) is February 25th.  The tour starts that night in Margaret River at one of my favourite venues in the country, Settlers Tavern.  I will be playing shows in Perth, Margaret River, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and also performing at three amazing festivals- Apollo Bay Music Festival in Victoria, Nannup Music Festival in WA and Pushover Festival in Melbourne (all ages).  It’s my first year at all of these festivals so I’m really looking forward to it!!  I’ll be writing a journal and filming a lot of the tour so look out for new videos and nonsense (as always).

Ok I think that’s all the news for now- thankyou a million times over for your wonderful support and for taking the time to read this.  I hope to see you all at one of the shows and I would love to hear back from you anytime!

Lots of love and here’s to a fantastic new year!!

Coby xxxx


Hello for the last time in 2009!

Before I say anything else, I was recently playing in Launceston and did a live interview on ABC Launceston and ABC Hobart.  The producer asked if I could sing a Christmas carol for them to play in the lead up to Christmas and although I didn’t know any carols off by heart I quickly searched the net and got the chords for “Silent Night”.  We put it down and I would like to share it with you, so as a little Christmas present, the song is now up on my myspace and you can DOWNLOAD it for FREE!!!  Just head to and click on “Silent Night”.  I love Christmas!!

I find it hard to believe we are almost out of the noughties J  This year has absolutely flown by and I have had a ball.  The release of the debut EP “Coby Grant is in Full Colour” and the national tour that went with it, the second national tour with a bunch of talented indie acts from around the country, the second trip to Boston to record the new EP and finally, the recording of the “Heartbeat” videoclip and the east coast tour that went with that.  Plus…I have signed up with Premier Artists (the booking agency) and played some amazing support shows to top it all off.  Phew!!!  Very busy!!  I hope that you all had an amazing year as well.

I wanted to say a huge thankyou to all who made it down to the gigs on the Heartbeat tour.  I was playing in Melbourne, Sydney, Katoomba, Gold Coast, Byron, Mullum Music Festival, Geelong, Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.  I had such an amazing time and I was blown away with the positive response and the continued support.  I hope you guys all enjoyed the shows and the new clip- for those who haven’t seen it you can check it out on youtube at

The artwork for the new EP is coming along and the release date is set for February 25th 2010.  Already, Premier and I are booking next year up to April.  I have some amazing stuff coming up- some shows supporting Toni Childs in mid Jan, a tour up the East Coast supporting Bonjah in Jan and through to Feb, then the national EP launch tour from Feb 25th, kicking off in my home town of Perth.  There will be a few festivals in there as well, including Apollo Bay Music Festival and Nannup Music Festival.  So keep your eyes peeled to the tours section of my website and I will certainly keep you updated.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas with the people that they love most.  Thankyou for your continued support and I can’t wait to share some new music with you in the New Year!!  Bring on 2010!

Lots of love

Coby xxx


Well hello there!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to all the amazing Melbournians who came to my Videoclip Launch for “Heartbeat”- I can’t believe it sold out on pre sales!!   I had an amazing night and it was wonderful to watch every face in the crowd stand still and take in the clip on the big screen at the Toff (man was that screen massive- HELLLLOOO PORES!).  A big big thankyou to Tony Ferrieri who filmed and edited the clip- I’m very proud of what we came up with for the tiny weeny budget we had.  I’m constantly watching these million dollar budget videos on Channel V and I can’t WAIT to be able to go nuts and be as creative and adventurous as I like one day when I have a mental budget like that, although I can’t imagine spending that much to be honest!

Anyway, it was a perfect night (despite the fact that I was sick as a dog!) and I have YOU to thank for coming down.  I’m off to Sydney next, then all around the country so check out the tours page for more info.  You can also watch the new clip on Youtube at

I am so happy to be back in my beautiful home country but I certainly did have the most amazing time recording over in the states.  To end the trip, I traveled down from Boston to New York and over the weekend that I was there, we saw Laura Marling on Friday night (amazing), went to Jersey Boys on Broadway on Saturday night (incredible) and got tickets to Van Morrison at Madison Square Gardens on Sunday night (ummmm…one of my all time IDOLS!).  Where else can you do this kind of magical stuff at a moments notice?  New York is truly amazing, it’s hard not to get caught up in the incredible vibe there.

So…the recording was a success (well, I hope!) and the tracks are off in New York getting mastered at Universal Studios.  Once again, Karyadi and Anthony outdid themselves and I was so honoured to be at Bopnique Musique working with them.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself I think it’s all a dream!  Once I have those mastered tracks I will be getting the artwork and design happening and sending them off to the manufacturers.  It’s all very exciting!  I’ll keep you updated as to when a release date and national tour will be so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, in the words of my Dad, try and remember that “everyday is a miracle”.  And…get yourselves a Mumford and Sons CD and the new Newton Faulkner Album.  Three words- A  MA  ZING.

Lots of love,

Coby xxxxxxxxxx



Hello to everyone back home and around the world!

Right at this very moment i am sitting in the Bopnique Musique studio in Boston, Massachusetts while the drums and bass are being edited by Anthony J Resta and Karyadi Sutedja (the two very talented gentlemen who i worked with on "A Song About Me" and "Young Love".) So when the guys are editing i am a stunned i thought i would message you!!

I am really excited to be back here (even though it is VERY cold) and recording again. It feels like ages since i have been in the studio and i have lots of new songs! I can't wait to share the final product with everyone...hopefully by feb next year i will be launching the new EP- it really depends whether i get the grant from Arts Victoria that i applied for- that would speed up the process of getting the artwork and manufacturing done. But anyway i'll keep you guys updated FO SHIZZLE! hahaha. So i'm here till next wednesday recording then i head to New York City for four days of fun with my mama (Head Manager of Merchandise- Denise Grant) haha!

Before i left Australia i managed to get the new film clip to "Heartbeat" all done. There are some "Behind the scenes" pics on the photos page so have a look if you get a chance. It will be playing on Rage in the coming weeks and i will be posting it online after the launch in Melbourne on November 7th. If you want to subscribe to my youtube channel (which i have only recently figured out) just head to and you'll be notified when the new clip is up!

Also, for those of you yet to get your tickets to the Melbourne launch on Saturday 7th November at the Toff In Town, there are only 40 tickets left so email me back if you want some! I am also now selling tickets to the Sydney show on November 19th at El Rocco's. You can check out all the details on the tours page.

I'm also playing shows in Byron, Gold Coast, Mullumbimby, Lismore, Hobart, Launceston, Upper Burnie and Geelong in the coming months so hopefully i'll see you all somewhere along the line!

As always thankyou for your wonderful support! I hope all is well in your world!

xxxxxx Coby



Hello hello everyone!

Well I am a busy little bee at the is three weeks until I leave for the states to record a new EP and in those three weeks I am working lots to save and also, more excitingly (is that a word), filming my new VIDEOCLIP!! Wooo! It is to the second single from the first EP "Coby Grant is in Full Colour" and it is my personal favourite song- a track called "Heartbeat". You may recall my search for a certain handsome man to star in the clip- well thankyou for all the help because I found one! You will have to come to the gig to see him in full screen glory...shame there were no kissing scenes really!!

Anyway the gig will be on Saturday 7th November at the Toff In Town- a very classy venue in the heart of Melbourne. Supporting will be Ben Abraham and Tom Tuena- two very talented fellas. Pre sale tickets are $12 and on the door $15 BUT here is the's my first gig being represented by the amazing Premier Artists (and more amazing booking agent Nick Yates) so I want to sell it out! So pretty please help me get organised before I fly to the states and get your tickets pre sale! I need some help with this one since I will be out of town until two days before the show.

Just email or head to and I can send you out your tix! It'll be a great night and I’ll have heaps of new songs to sing since I would have just returned from the US- a preview for the new EP!

Following on from this Melbourne launch for the Heartbeat video, I will be playing gigs in QLD, NSW and TAS so keep your eyes peeled to the tours page for more info if you are around those spots.

I want you to know I really like you :)

xxxxxx Coby

PS.  I recently supported Newton Faulkner at his Melbourne show.  It was the most amazing gig- the crowd was so lovely and Newton Faulkner was an awesome musician and such a humble person. Thankyou to all the new fans and friends who bought my music and joined my mailing list because of it!


Hi Guys!!

Hope all is well with everyone :) I am FANTASTIC and have some amazing news...i am now officially represented by Premier Artists- the biggest booking agency in the country. I was approached by the company and they came along to my gig at Manchester Lane (thanks to you legends who came and cheered loudly and sang along!). Then went in for a meeting and BANG i have agent extraordinaire Nick Yates batting for the Coby Grant team!!
This is awesome news because as some of you may know, i had previously been booking all of my own gigs and tours which was crazy. Just way too much on my plate to do the booking as well as all the logistics of flying musicians everywhere and publicity and promotion and gear hire and then performing. So yeah, this is a GREAT thing and so far so good, i already have an east coast tour booking in for mid- nov till early dec so those of you in QLD and NSW i'll be up there soon!!!

Also, Melbournians, keep November 7th free. I will be playing a show at the Toff in Town to launch a new VIDEOCLIP!!! That's right, i'm recoridng another clip to one of the crowd favourite songs, Heartbeat.

Other news is that i'm heading back to the states to record another EP with Anthony J Resta, the same extremely talented man who produced "A Song About Me" and "Young Love". So i will soon have a new recording for you all. Know any rich people who want to invest in a motivated artist like me? Call me if you do!!!

So that's about all the news for now, i'll write again soon with more updates!!

Lots of love xxxxx "



Everyone!!!  I'm so excited!!!

I have been played every night for the last five weeks on Channel U!!

What is Channel U I hear you ask?? Channel U is a new program on Channel V that let's the public decide what they want to watch. It's on weeknights from 8:30pm.

Basically, I submitted my videoclip to A Song About Me into Channel V.
They accepted the clip and popped it up on the website and now it is up to the public whether or not I get played on Channel V.  So this is where you, my friends and fans, come in.

Already you have done an amazing job keeping me in the top rated but in order to keep getting the AMAZING exposure that i am from being played on Channel V i need you to keep voting, (but don't feel like you have to, only if you can find the time).

It's really simple, click on the image below

Then you just have to enter your name, mobile and email address.  Be sure to tick the box that says you agree to legal stuff (I've read it, it's legit).

There is another way to vote- via SMS.  All you have to do is send my video's code, which is U1241 to this number 1999 85 85.  The sms's cost 50c MAX, depending on who you are with. And if you want to circulate this around to your friends then please do that as well!!

So thanks so much guys for all your support and remember you can vote as many times as you like!!!  I hope your love for me and my music is directly proportional to the amount of votes you cast hahaha.

LOTS OF LOVE!!! (I just had to shout that cause I'm so excited)

Xxxxxxx Coby

FEB 09

Well Happy New Year to everyone…

My new website is finally up and running- sorry to those of you who kept coming back and finding the “under construction” page still up after a few months. I got a bit slack with all the Christmas cheer and festive season stuff going on around me. Well…actually I only got slack with the website because I have been incredibly incredibly (double incredibly just to show the gravity of the situation) BUSY getting my first ever professionally recorded studio EP ready for you guys!!!

This was the EP that I went over to the states to record…I worked with some amazing people. Peter Malick- who has written for and recorded Norah Jones, Anthony J Resta- he has worked with Elton John, Shawn Mullins, Collective Soul and Duran Duran, Ted Greenberg- we wrote some tracks together which was great fun and Ted has won Grammys with his work for Chaka Khan and the Funk Brothers, and last but not least Thomas Baraka DiCandia- who has worked with Live, Sting, Weezer and Coolio. So it was certainly a huge learning curve and I have come out of it on the other end with a new EP that I am proud of. It shows a bit more of myself and my growth as a songwriter, singer and musician. I think. Let me know…

So after the states I had to work for a few months so I had enough moolah to print the cd’s and now I am here!!! I am ready!! I have them ready to go and sitting in quite a few boxes in my little study.

I have spent the last six weeks organizing my 24 date NATIONAL tour…I’m visiting six states over six weeks with varying degrees of band members (all of whom are incredibly talented and only charging mates rates!!). Check out the dates in the Tour section.

I have also been busy trying to figure out how to sell the tracks online at digital stores (mainly i-tunes would be great because when people put my stuff onto their ipod’s it comes up as a match with some random Japanese artist). Plus then you can just buy your favourite tracks!!! But the ghood news is the CD isavailable at for INTERNATIONAL buyers only and also at for AUSTRALIAN buyers only or you can email me (or someone similar to me) at

Anyway guys…I best be off but be sure to see when a gig near you is on and how to get your hands on some tickets for the launches. I am excited about finally getting this new stuff out there and singing my brains out for you!!!

Watch this space…and watch your back…Kidding, kidding!!

Love love love….Coby xxxxx


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