September 19, 2014

I Was Young

Today is the single release day!!!  WOOHOOOO!!!  You can officially head to iTunes to grab the new single, “I Was Young” which is also the title track for the new album.  I’m so excited!  Just head to to download it.

Since my last post, both of my brothers got married in Croatia and I had the BEST HOLIDAY EVER.  Honestly, so much fun with all of my family and so happy to see my brothers marrying the loves of their lives.  Once again, for anyone who doesn’t know, my two brothers married two swedish sisters haha.  It is actually like the movies.  They had separate weddings days (more celebrations for us) and both got married in Croatia, a country that I absolutely love- it’s beauty blows me away every time I visit.  So, good times!!!  The day I left Croatia I came down with one of the worst flus I have ever had which lasted two weeks- serves me right for partying so hard haha.  Anyway, I was better just in time to start the tour on the 26th August!

So far, it’s been 15 shows, 2 different countries and 3000km in the rental car.  I’ve had such a great time!!  Mostly house concerts this time around which I absolutely love.  I’ve also had my dear and old friend Indiana touring with me- both playing support as her project Ma Petite ( and playing violin on my tracks.  We have literally laughed so much, I wish she didn’t have to leave me but our last two shows together are tonight in Oberhausen for a garden concert and tomorrow night, which will be the first show in Holland for the tour, in a lovely village just outside of Rotterdam playing in an old Church…really looking forward to it!

In other exciting news my wonderful booking agent in Holland, Ilana from Mojo, has secured the album launch show at Paradiso in Amsterdam.  This place is an institution for live music and I am thrilled to announce I will be playing with my full band.  Most of the tour is solo, due to money really, but I want to play this show with the guys to represent the album and recording better.  I CAN’T WAIT!!  So, I’m pretty nervous, it holds 200 people!  Here is the link and tickets go on sale on Saturday so help me make it a night to remember!

Another single from the album, “Enough” will be released on 29th September and the album itself “I Was Young” WAS going to be released on October 10th, but I just found out that the label that I use to digitally distribute my music,, loves the album and wants to pitch it to iTunes.  What that means is, they will try to get me some extra promotion/marketing through the iTunes site.  So the album release date will likely be a week later now, but I will keep everyone informed as soon as I get more news and a definite date.

Ok, better go, more driving to be done!!  Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to a show so far, to all the gorgeous hosts of the house concerts and to you reading this post!

Love Me xx

July 24, 2014


Ok, I have to be honest, I have been procrastinating when it comes to updating and sending out some more news because let’s face it, it’s quite easy to procrastinate in Positano on the South Amalfi Coast, which is only ONE of the amazing places I have been to in the last month!!  I’m so lucky!!

So, when I last wrote, it was just before I was headed to Rotterdam in Holland to record six more tracks for my next album.  I was working again at Real Music Room with Jack Van de Ven and Niels van der Steenhoven.  We had an awesome time!  I’m really proud of how these ones turned out and I can’t wait to get the new songs out there.  Some of the production is a little different to what I normally do, but each song turned out exactly as I heard it in my head- big thanks to Jack and Niels for understanding my non producer language when trying to explain sounds and parts that I wanted haha.  I’ll write a little more on the album and tracks next time, but for now I am not 100% sure on the release date.  It depends on radio promo, marketing and getting a run of official album release tour dates together so I’m currently trying to make that happen- financially and time wise.  However, I am hoping to release a single in September and the album not long after that.

Here are some photos from the main day of recording drums, bass, piano and guitars at Studio Helmbreker in Haarlem.  Had so much fun with these guys!  Jimmy on drums, Ralf on Bass, Huub and Paul engineering plus Niels, Jack and I.  Big thank you to Robert Veen for the amazing pics

I’m also taking the new songs on the road!!  Cannot wait to play them for you guys!!  Check out my shows page and see if there is one near you!  I’m touring throughout Germany, Holland, Belgium and France from late August for two months.  It’s a lot of house concerts this time.  Unfortunately, I only have a booking agent in France (the amazing Gerald at Ginko Musik) so the rest I am doing alone .  If anyone wants to host their own concert then contact me directly on facebook or on  Or…if anyone has any suggestions on venues in their area then please let me know!

The new songs are getting mixed and mastered NEXT WEEK!  So soon I will have some teasers up as well.  In the meantime, I am continuing to fulfil my New Years Resolution of more travel, more family time, more balance in life.  So far I’ve been to Gili Islands and Bali with my Mum, then Italy by myself, now in Sweden with my whole family to celebrate my brothers getting married (my brothers are marrying sisters- did I mention that?  Yes, it’s like the movies), followed by three weeks in Croatia and a week in London!  PHEW!  As a wonderful friend of mine always says to me, “Life’s Good”.

Lots of love,

Coby xx

May 20, 2014

Keep Your Light Shining

So, apologies for my absence when it comes to updates on the last few months, but the truth is, I was pretty boring!!  As mentioned in the last update just before the new year, for the last seven months I have been living in Melbourne and working a normal job 9 to 6 at a call centre, in sales.  I paid off ALL of my debt AND saved enough money to record my new album and get back over to Europe to tour and travel- one of my New Year’s Resolutions was having a better work/life balance so I have trips to Bali, Croatia, Sweden AND Greece planned.

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December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Here we are, the end of another year.  Where the hell did that one go?  Seriously?  This time last year, I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams (and I have some pretty wild dreams) that I would be sitting where I am right now.  This latest update is less of a “news” update and more of a reflection.

2013 has been an interesting one.  For me, there have been some great moments and some very terrible ones.  This year, my music career steadily progressed (but always at the same snail’s pace).  I was fortunate enough to support Josh Groban in June in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.  Amsterdam being a total highlight playing for 7000 people at the Ziggo Dome and although that crowd was not there to see me, they sang, laughed and clapped along with me.  Such an incredible night and feeling- one I will not forget in a hurry.  GAGA Publishing, my amazing Australian label, placed two of my songs in two different national TV campaigns here, which was fantastic.  Also, “Young Love” was placed in the internationally successful TV show “Dance Academy”, which gained me new fans from all around the globe- thank you all for your beautiful messages and support.  I continued to co-write a lot and recorded my new single, “I Wanna Be The One”, releasing it in June followed by the videoclip in August.  I’ve also found out that the single is going to be featured in the new Dutch movie “Hartenstraat”!!  I met and stayed with the incredibly talented writer/director Sanne Vogel for a night in Amsterdam and even got to hang out on set (apparently with famous movie stars in Holland!).  Sony secured this for me, which is the first placement they have been able to make happen.  Check out the teaser below (at the moment only available to view in Belgium and Holland)- it looks fantastic!

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August 1, 2013

“I Wanna Be The One” Videoclip RELEASED!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to finally present the videoclip for the brand new single “I Wanna Be The One”.  This clip was filmed with a MASSIVE budget with everyone working on it giving their time and talent for free.  Even had my Mum, Nan and Pop on catering duties!  We filmed it in an absolutely gorgeous space- a warehouse in Kensington that we hired for the day.  With only one day to shoot the entire video, it was a lot of work.  Load in on Saturday, working from 5am until 8pm on the Sunday. PHEW!  I was a zombie at the end of it!  MASSIVE massive thankyou to everyone involved- Director Roxanne Halley, DOP Thom Neal and the entire film crew.  Also, Sarah Gonsalves and The Style Co (, who created the gorgeous “apartment” set.  The girls did an incredible job (I wanted to live there) and the furniture from Dann Events in Melbourne was absolutely perfect! I’m really proud of the clip.  As an independent artist, trying to find that balance between creating exactly what you want and having the money to do so is always a struggle, but I think the clip is a beautiful visual partner for the new single.  SO HERE IT IS BELOW!!!

WARNING: Lots of bad dancing by me, but c’mon, I’m in LOVE!!  Who doesn’t dance around in their pyjamas all giddy and smiles when they are in love? ;)

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June 1, 2013

New Single Release and Josh Groban European Supports!!

Ok…I’m not really sure where to start.  It’s been a while since my last news update and now I have so much it’s a little overwhelming!!

First things first.  My brand new single “I Wanna Be The One” is released THIS SUNDAY 9TH JUNE!!!  Click on the image below to head to iTunes:


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February 1, 2013

2013 Here I Come!!!

Well well well!  I believe the last time I wrote was late November!  Now it’s Feb already!!  WOW!  I know I always go on about time flying by but SERIOUSLY!  Anyway, I have quite a bit to share so here goes…

I ended 2013 with a tour through Holland- organized by my awesome booking agent Gideon at LiveNation.  Big big thankyou to the amazing new fans who came along to my shows in Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and of course Paradiso in Amsterdam.  I had such a wonderful time playing for you guys and I hope you enjoyed the show, the supports, the special guests.  I have some photos of the tour up on my fb page and you can check them out here:

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November 1, 2012

Holland-Days Tour, Songbird Festival, New Songs and Hash Tags!!!

Well….well, well, well.  If there’s one thing I know I can depend on in this life, it is TIME.  That time will ALWAYS fly by.  In fact, as I get older, time goes even faster.  Oh dear.  Lucky I squish as much as humanly possibly into this crazy life!  So, first and foremost, last time I wrote my health was not so great- I was diagnosed with Anemia and had dangerously low iron levels.  I had an iron infusion and NOW I’M FULL OF ENERGY!!! Hahaha.  The doctors said that it would be about four weeks from the infusion and one day I would just notice a huge difference.  I did.  It was a Tuesday.  And if that is what normal people feel like all the time I’d like to book an infusion once a month please- WOOO!  Also had an extremely high metabolism for about two weeks- I ate pasta every single day and still lost weight, every woman’s dream right? Hahaha.  But, everything has balanced out now and I am feeling very well which is awesome.  Also necessary to keep up with my crazy workload!

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September 15, 2012

Festivals, Dutch Release, Songwriting and Anemia!!


Hello to all the gorgeous creatures who bother to read this! It’s already the middle of September and I am writing this from my hotel room in Landshut, Germany where I am performing at one of the biggest street festivals in Europe- the Stadt-Spektakel!!  I have 8 shows in three days and also performed at the opening gala on Thursday night- it was amazing!  Ich war sehr aufgeregt!  500 people sitting so quietly in the theatre and there were so many amazing acts!

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